Jacobs Quality Manager in Jurong, Singapore

Quality Manager



  • Create / update / communicate contents of local procedures and work instructions.

  • Development of procedures and tools.

  • Participate in events and activities that elevate the profile of project performance and quality management (eg. Lunch & Learn sessions, Client Quality Networks, Business Development write-ups and presentations).

  • Act as a Champion for Quality with Business Development, Operations, and Projects.

  • Ensure BD / Projects have included work-hours for Quality in the proposals.

  • Manage work-hours on the project effectively.

  • Report weekly to the Director of Performance & Delivery, the status on audits, client surveys and other project activities.

  • Develop and share Best Practices and Continuous Improvement ideas.


  • Demonstrate strong, effective leadership of Quality Principals. LEAD BY EXAMPLE .

  • Strive to develop a reputation as a performance improvement specialist.

  • Customize Project Work Process Map (JSTEPS) with Project Manager and Project Controls Manager.

  • Seek every opportunity to teach and mentor: Conduct Lunch & Learn or similar sessions at the team level to improve buy-in to quality system processes.

  • Take initiatives to highlight performance issues when they first occur so that crises can be avoided.

  • Proactively initiate and grow a trusting and respectful relationship with the Client.

  • Challenge and ask questions and yet not be disruptive or confrontational. Seek opportunities for continuous improvement through constructive inquiries and challenges. Always use a positive approach.

  • Maintain good relationships with department managers but, if needed, elevate system-wide issues to Jacobs Director of Performance & Delivery LS,CG&M.

  • Demonstrate abilities to analyze the business and apply best practices.

  • Act as a guide during external audits. (ISO, client)

  • Maintain a high degree of business and operations knowledge for the industries we serve.


Client Surveys

  • Facilitate or participate in the Client Expectations surveys and document results.

  • Publish the Client Expectations and use a variety of tools to communicate the expectations. Examples: Include the Expectations as a topic in the Weekly Coordination meetings, Display the Expectations as posters in team area.

  • Assist the Project team in understanding how they can achieve the Client’s Expectations. Assign ownership for each of the expectations.

  • Conduct Client Performance surveys and report results. (Do your homeworkprior to the survey – bring forward specific items from Expectations survey and previous Performance surveys to have the client re-evaluate our progress towards improvement!).


  • Complete the Project Initiation Audit early in the project and report findings to Project Team. Coordinate with PM to resolve action items.

  • Facilitate the completion of PISOP320 audits and address adequacy issues with Department Managers through the use of the Pre-PISOP audit process. Coordinate with PM to prepare any necessary actions.

  • Conduct procedural audits as determined by the QM and PM. Assist the project in determining the procedures and process to be used.

  • Conduct informal audits with Discipline teams to determine their compliance with Jacobs and Client Design Review procedures.


  • Work with PM to develop PINs. Develop Corporate PINs for system-wide issues. Facilitate and monitor the project team’s effort to address and close outstanding PINs. Report PIN performance to Client and in weekly QM update.

  • Write the PQP that incorporates both the Jacobs’ and Client’s procedures and work processes.

  • Exercise diplomacy by resolving differences between the Project Team and Client in order to reach solutions that best serve the project.

  • Write the Quality section of the PEP (Project Execution Plan).

  • Facilitate the assembly of the DVP (if the PM does not lead it). Focus the PM on defining the project deliverables list, concentrating on what the client wants , and then turn into the DVP.

  • Determine the expectations of the Project Management Team, of the Project Quality Manager.

  • Seek input and communicate your expectations of the Project Management Team.

  • Report any concerns related to project execution to the Project Manager and Manager of Quality.

  • Monitor the execution of the Risk Mitigation Plan (if projects are not doing it). This is usually done in the form of a Risk Log. Ensure risks to the project are identified and acted upon.

  • Facilitate and/or coordinate execution of all JVEPs identified in the PQP.

  • Facilitate understanding of JVEP requirements with the Project Management Team.

  • Provide any quality documents / information / tools that the project team may need to execute the project.

  • Understand and be able to communicate the overall status, in terms of quality, of your assigned projects.

  • Assist in development of/or improvement to work processes (this can be based on audit results, your observations or project team member requests).

  • Monitor the completion of audits by the disciplines. (Pre-PISOP audits by Dept. Mgrs.)

  • Initiate, schedule and implement Stage Gate Evaluations (including IPA and/or PDRI) for the projects to measure our progress towards meeting the client specific phase deliverables.

  • Monitor / collect / analyze Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data and address trends or systemic issues. Involve / inform Management regarding systemic issues.

  • Identify, plan and coordinate all alignment sessions on the project.

  • Be accountable for QMS implementation on your project.


  • Minimum 10 years with BA or BS or equivalent experience.

  • Senior Manager level. Accomplishes results through lower-level subordinate supervisors or experienced exempt employees.

  • Directs subordinates based on general policies and management guidance.

  • Work is reviewed on completion for adequacy in meeting objectives. Interprets and executes policies that affect subordinate units.

  • May head a centralized function. Functions as unit advisor; involved in daily operations only to resolve complex problems or meet schedules.

  • Frequent contacts with internal and external individuals at all management levels.

  • Conducts briefings and participates in technical meetings related to specific operations.


Primary Location Singapore-Singapore Countrywide-Jurong

Req ID: IND0000GC