APL Mediterranean & Trans-Atlantic Line Manager in Singapore, Singapore

Part of the CMA CGM Group, APL is one of the world’s leading ocean carriers, providing world-class container shipping and terminal services, as well as intermodal operations supported by leading-edge IT and ecommerce.

APL offers transcontinental cargo shipping across Asia, North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and Australia through more than 90 weekly services, calling ports in over 50 countries worldwide.


The Line Manager assumes overall responsibility and accountability for the achievement of the service P&L. The manager will be tasked with the ideation, optimization, pricing, yield and smooth execution of all services under his / her purview. The manager works closely with all parties across the organization to ensure that his / her lines achieve their set growth and profit targets. The Line Manager works closely with Commercial team to manage its’ customers portfolio and monitor competitor pricing, service and utilization behavior.

Key Result Areas

  • Develop an overall network plan for the Mediterranean & Trans-Atlantic Trades, detailing how the network is set up to achieve Trade’s long term strategic aims. The plan will encompass coverage, allocation by markets, number of loops, rotations, ships to be used (size and design), partners to work with, potential slot exchanges or slot sale and resulting forecasted cost to operate to be in line with industry.

  • The Line Manager is required to work closely with GNA to optimize services and to ensure the operational feasibility of the service. This will involve right-sizing ships, eliminate or add legs and streamline port move counts to align with prevailing market conditions. Actions emerging from these discussions could include proforma changes (sailing speed, port, movecount), ship upsize/downsize/design changes, slot sale/exchange to external parties on ad hoc or permanent basis.

  • Monthly review of service profitability against targets and together with the Cost Controllers is expected to explain any deviation from the targets, where affecting factors will include operating costs, cargo profile, and contribution. He / She will also be required to provide flash and forecast results in the monthly review with the Line Controllers.

  • The Line Manager will lead a pricing team consisting of manager & analysts and is responsible to review and relay trade policies and directives to the Commercial team. He / She will be responsible to set rate guidelines and / or to flex rate policies as necessary to achieve contribution and utilization objectives.

  • Grow CNF/FOB/Global customers in close cooperation with Commercial representatives. The Line Manager should develop a plan to evaluate account potential of key customers, examining factors such as historical commitment / loyalty, volume, cost to serve and any other mitigating or aggravating factors.

  • The Line Manager will take the lead to plan for potential peak season loaders or slack season void programs. Where there are service exceptions, he/she will act as the focal point and assisted by Product Managers to coordinate with all parties within the organization in executing the recovery plan. For any void sailing or port omission, he/she will need to establish a recovery plan and ensure that all parties across the organization (Ops, Sales, and Trade & Yield team) are coordinated and working according to the recovery plan.

  • Monitor changes in the competitor landscape to ensure that the Mediterranean & Trans-Atlantic network remains competitive and able to keep up with the prevailing market conditions. The Line Manager is also expected to remain abreast of commercial developments within the industry, which includes, competitor pricing, service and utilization behavior.

Key Accountabilities/Duties

  • Develop strategic network plan for the Mediterranean & Trans-Atlantic Lines to roll up to a global network plan.

  • Monthly review of Line P&L, detailing key reasons for variances to targets actions to improve on results.

  • Monthly interface with GNA and Ops to ensure that services are operating according to plan and where it is not, work closely to either wrought VSP changes or push for improvements in deliverables by other functions

  • Ensure that service or subscribed slots are fully utilized for optimal yield according to the strategy of the Mediterranean & Trans-Atlantic Lines.

  • Proactively manage rate guidelines to ensure that it reflects the market moving rate for the specific market and provide guidance and directives to the Line Managers, in terms of cargo mix and yield strategy

  • Track overall effective loading declarations and ship level performance to ensure that each ship in each service is fully maximized and bunker consumption is not outside of variance

  • Monthly/Weekly/Daily review of trade policies and directives, including Rate Guideline revisions, and flexing rate policies to ensure that current trade policies reflect market reality

  • Frequent liaison with Commercial team to ensure that Line Managers has the most up-to-date market intelligence and that local Commercial team executes Trade strategy

  • Monthly review of high potential customers with Commercial team to grow/negotiate in order to secure profitable customers and identify future growth opportunities

  • Work closely with the Feeder team to ensure that sufficient and reliable connections are made available to achieve planned for volumes

  • Develop Network plans and studies in developing new markets and other related issues within Mediterranean & Trans-Atlantic scope.

  • On an ad-hoc basis, assume overall responsibility in the event that major exceptions occur to ensure full recovery is achieved on a timely basis.

Job specifications

  • A minimum of 8 years of liner experience with understanding of ship operations, network design and yield optimization principles is preferred

  • Profit-minded individual with strong business acumen that enables him/her to manage tactical yield at an optimal level and constantly seeks to refine and upgrade the product

  • Independent, quick decision-maker who can operate under intense pressure and in a fast-paced heavily tactical environment

  • Strong intellect and analytical skills that enables the incumbent to understand and optimize complex and interlinked rotations

  • Able to understand diverse business processes and strategy development within the organization

  • Drives deliverables mutually agreed to by CFC, GNA, Operations and ensure these are met and delivered on a timely basis

  • Able to work with others by being respected as the knowledge leader in the Mediterranean & Trans-Atlantic Lines network

  • Effective as an internal and external marketing person to design, promote and sell the service products to the various internal and external customers

  • Strong inter-personal skills and good team player who can work with people of diverse cultural backgrounds

APL is part of the successful CMA CGM Group, the world's 3rd largest container shipping company