Caterpillar Accounts Payable Analyst in Singapore


Responsible for supervision of an Accounts Clerk.

The role holder has responsibility for Accounts Payable for invoice clearance and resolving all queries and is directly responsible for the timely payment.

The role covers Accounts Payable: payment of all Suppliers, promotion of Self Billing, maintenance of supplier files.

The role also encompasses Accounts Receivable: Provision of invoices, Caterpillar netting, Collection of Third Party Debt and Credit Insurance. Responsible for tracking and notification of the need to increase Credit Insurance levels as the business grows. Quarterly prepare country exposure reports.

Treasury – Managing cash flow of ins and outs, need to forecast the cash management using data from the AS400, information collected by initiating communication with internal customers, reviewing historical spend and then using judgment based on the data collected. The forecast is then sent to CAT SARL to tell them what funds Turner need transferring into their account.

The incumbent must complete the maintenance of the Accounts Receivable Ledger and reconcile it to the General Ledger. Works directly with Purchasing and Sales departments to correct grief. They also have responsibility of Accounts Payable clearing invoices, completing maintenance of the Accounts Payable Ledger and Reconciliation to General Ledger. Report reconciliation results using the Account Reconciliation Tool. Completes the monthly Business Managers checklist for Accounts Payable and Account Receivable and takes corrective action when standards aren’t met.

The incumbent is responsible for the collection and allocation of debt from 3rd Party Customers as well as Caterpillar netting. This can involve checking they received invoices, scan invoices and e-mail them or send recorded delivery, following up by telephone to the customer to chase late payments and work with customers directly to ensure Turner receives payment on time. If no payment is received, the incumbent can put a hold on their account to cease any further sales activity. Responsible for corrective action necessary to maintain Inter company payable and receivable differences to a minimum.

Day to day responsibilities include; Payment of Supplier Accounts by BACS or foreign transfer, General Ledger Monthly Balance Sheet Reconciliations, Completion of Cash Books and Bank Reconciliations - UK and Currency, Paid and Received, Inter company Balance Reporting and Reconciliations, Petty Cash Control and currency - obtaining funds from bank, issuing to internal customers, recording, analysing and reconciliation.

Monthly calculates the realized and unrealized foreign exchange gain or loss. In addition, coordinates the casting inventory balances by working with Suppliers and the Purchasing Dept. Uses this data to determine reasonableness of variance to standard and put in a general reserve as needed.

Fulfill annual statutory accounts reporting requirements.

Responsible for some query management – setting up new supplier bank account details and obtaining correct address details.

Sarbanes & Oxley Control Owner for 17 controls.

The position may provide on-the-job training and guidance for newer employees in the group.

Typical internal customers include the position's work group and immediate supervisor. External customers include, Local Banks, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) Account Departments and Suppliers of product and or services to Turner. Most of the problems faced by the position are similar to those faced before and the approach to correct those problems can follow a consistent investigation pattern. As new processes are created to eliminate manual activity, new problems do occur which require a different approach for resolution. The incumbent resolves issues by selecting the best solution from a few choices for reoccurring problems. The position meets or exceeds quality standards set for the measure(s) stated. The position changes the way work is performed to meet quality goals for the measure(s) stated. The position monitors and reports on key quality measures for the measure(s) stated. The position develops documentation necessary for quality certification in the measure(s) stated. The position prepares information used in analyzing the quality of the measure(s) stated. The position participates in brainstorming sessions focused on developing new approaches to meeting quality goals in the measure(s) stated. The position works to refine processes or procedures to ensure the best use of resources and technology in meeting the quality goals.

Limited travel required (Less than 5% of working time).


The position requires familiarity with an office environment and general clerical experience. Personal computer experience is a must. In addition this position requires the use of mainframe computer system as well as vendor specific software for making payments. The position typically requires 2 years of technical school, an apprenticeship program, a junior college diploma, or the equivalent in on-the-job training. Being AAT qualified is desirable. In addition, one to two years of job-related experience are typically required. Position is in frequent contact with people outside work group to give or obtain information. It is important for incumbents to express themselves clearly. Strong customer service skills are necessary as this position works with external Suppliers, external Customers and departments and divisions within Caterpillar.

Job: *Accounting

Title: Accounts Payable Analyst

Location: Singapore

Requisition ID: 170006UL