The Estee Lauder Companies Senior Marketing Manager (Estee Lauder/ Tom Ford Beauty) - Singapore Affiliate in Singapore

Senior Marketing Manager (Estee Lauder/ Tom Ford Beauty) - Singapore Affiliate

Brand: Estée Lauder



  • Ensure customer growth through strong, strategic marketing programs and product launches that will help brand achieve market share and ranking in the industry.

  • Manage operational effectiveness to achieve desired ROI for marketing programs and product launches.

  • Improving business process to ensure greater efficiency.

  • Leading and developing people to uplift expertise in the marketing team.


New Product Launch

  • Work with Sales, Education and Public Relations (PR) to place order for new product launches.

  • Perform competitive analysis of product line to determine: (i) correct pricing (ii) unique competitive advantage (iii) launch strategy.

  • Set reasonable pricing for new products that is competitively benchmarked to competition.

  • Devise launch platform based on unique competitive advantage.

  • Develop effective media plan for new product launch that will deliver the desired marketing objectives.

  • Establish new consumer recruitment program.

  • Review results against launch forecast and objectives.

  • Responsible for New Product Launch analysis report for Regional Reporting.

Marketing Calendar

  • Plan marketing calendar after Brand's Roundtable Meeting according to strategic directions from Brand General Manager.

  • Negotiate with retailers on best dates for in-store animations.

  • Develop media strategy and plan that will provide the reach and frequency required for each marketing program to achieve desired objectives. Strategies should include both traditional and new media such as online platforms.

  • Plan promotional activities that will meet desired marketing objectives for each program.

  • Develop marketing brief incorporating the following to ensure everyone in the team is on the same page:

  • Category review

  • Sales target and strategy

  • Marketing & PR objectives and strategies

  • Education focus

  • Promotional mechanics

  • Oversee implementation of marketing calendar to ensure smooth execution of marketing programs such as collaterals, samples and gift-with-purchase are charged out on time and that the team including field consultants are briefed on the mechanics of promotion.

  • Review results against sales target, marketing objectives and category growth objectives.

Store Design and Visual Merchandising

  • Determine during the budget planning stage, the number of stores that will require renovation and its required capital budget based on strategic directions from the Brand General Manager.

  • Supervise Visual Merchandising (VM) Executive on the renovation of new stores which include: (i) ensuring PRF is filled up (ii) getting competitive quotes (iii) getting retailers' approval on design (iv) required structures such as decks and locators are ordered in advance (v) submission of capital requisition form to New York for approval (vi) submission of asset disposal form (vii) photographs of new counter for filing (viii) coop billing is completed

  • Ensure counter image and cleanliness are maintained.

  • Review collateral offerings from Asia Pacific Design Centre (APDC) and supervise VM Executive to place orders according to priority as specified in marketing calendar.

  • Work with VM Executive to execute local over-the-counter communications that are designed to hook and engage the customers.

  • Supervise VM Executive in the development and construction of structures required for store animations.

  • Review results of new store design or VM elements and recommend appropriate changes.

Customers Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Devise Affiliate CRM strategy based on strategic inputs from Brand General Manager.

  • Supervise Marketing Executive in the implementation of appropriate CRM programs offered by the Regional CRM team.

  • Review results and make recommendations for improvements.

  • Responsible for monthly CRM reporting to Regional CRM team.


  • Develop mechanics of promotion for every marketing program and communication plan.

  • Present mechanics to store to solicit support to proceed with promotion and secure cooperation contribution.

  • Supervise execution of various promotions such as store events, workshops and 3rd party joint promotions.

  • Ensure coop billing is executed, where applicable.

  • Review results against sales strategy.

Digital Marketing / E-Commerce / Online

  • Understand the digital ecosystem and how it can be integrated for an effective marketing campaign.

Consumer Research

  • Work with Regional team to conduct research to gain better insights on consumers’ usage and attitudes.

  • Evaluate how marketing programs and new product launches influenced consumers’ perceptions of Estee Lauder and increased their preference for the brand.

Manage Operational Effectiveness

  • Approve shopping carts for marketing expenses.

  • Ensure marketing launches and programs deliver the desired ROI.

  • Ensure effective use of marketing resources to drive sales that will contribute to the achievement of brand’s desired Net Operating Profit (NOP).

Improve Business Process

  • Setup standard systems and procedures to ensure smooth operations.

  • Proper system setup to enable accurate tracking of new product launches, marketing programs, sampling programs, CRM programs, investments in online programs and marketing expenses that are time efficient.

Retailers' Presentations

  • Put together marketing section of retailers' presentations which takes place twice a year. This includes Brand's overall marketing programs, proposed stores' exclusive promotions, dates and proposed coop contribution.

  • Collate store coop contributions against sales projections to determine and justify proposed coop contribution for new calendar year.

  • Sell marketing programs to retailers at store presentations to secure top of mind awareness with retailers.

  • Initiate follow-up meetings with stores to finalize promotional dates.

  • Follow-up with retailers to obtain written approval of coop contribution.

Budget Preparation

  • Complete marketing worksheets in budget preparation file based on strategic inputs from Brand General Manager.

  • Monthly reconciliation of expenses before profits & loss meetings to ensure all expenses are accurately captured.

  • Update expenses required for the current month before estimate submission date and allocate additional expenses or reallocate savings to areas where expenses are required.

  • Complete Advertising Template required by Brand Regional on a quarterly basis.

Lead and Develop People

  • Coach and develop Marketing Team to achieve desired performance standards.

  • Ensure Learning and Development of each team member.



  • Bachelor’s Degree holder preferably in Marketing.

  • Minimum 5 years of relevant experience.

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office software applications.

  • Excellent written and spoken communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Kept abreast on the current macro trends of the market and industry.

  • Clearly communicates expectations and adapts communication style to suit audiences and objectives.

  • Respected and enthusiastic leader who draws others to commit collectively and shapes the environment to foster a drive toward achievement, learning and teamwork.

  • Displays trust and integrity and confronts unethical behavior.

  • Able to manage emotions and handle difficulty with maturity and composure.

  • Self-confident and knows own strength and weaknesses, welcomes challenges and leads change even in the face of opposition.

  • Optimist who remains motivated despite adversity and sees an opportunity rather than a setback.

  • Strategic thinker that identifies the implications of macro trends, identifying potential problems and opportunities in both the short and long-term.

  • Develop creative solutions to overcome difficult problems.

  • Takes calculated risks to set challenging yet realistic goals.

  • Persuasive and engaging to effectively garner buy-ins.

  • Genuine in developing people, acknowledging their feelings, views and contributions which includes seeing the best in them.

  • Open and adapts behavior to feedback and experience as well as to seek personal improvement.

  • Poised and well groom.

Job: Marketing

Primary Location: Asia Pacific-Singapore

Job Type: Standard

Schedule: Full-time

Travel: No

Job Number: 176640