GLOBALFOUNDRIES Princ Eng Integration & Yield in United States

To formulate and drive process improvement plan based on systematic analysis of inline/ET/yield data to meet quality and yield targets.

  1. To own processes and manage independently on process/inline/ET/yield issues to meet line yield/sort yield/ET target performance.

  2. To execute systematic process transfers from TD or Process Integration group for mass production and thereby maintain or improve process robustness and manufacturability.

  3. To identify and prioritize key process weaknesses for baseline continuous improvement to yield/quality/productivity and cost.

  4. To work closely with module process/equipment engineers to formulate and implement robust technical improvement solutions.

  5. To work closely with Yield Defect Density/Modules engineers to swiftly contain high DD and inline excursions and find root causes and provide working solutions.

  6. Maintain and fine-tune existing process technologies for baseline improvement and support continuous yield enhancement

    PHD/Masters/Degree in Microelectronics/Electrical/Electronics Engineering or Science in Physics/Chemistry/Material Science or related field

  7. Relevant experience in semiconductor manufacturing and yield improvement.

  8. Good interpersonal and effective communication skills

  9. Good presentation skills with strong problem-solving skill

    1. Able to perform under a fast paced and challenging environment

Title: Princ Eng Integration & Yield

Location: null

Requisition ID: 17003640