GLOBALFOUNDRIES Associate Engneer Module Engineering (Metro Process) Fab 7 in Woodlands, Singapore

  • Analyze SPC charts using SPACE. Respond to all PR rules and follow CAS correctly. Know basic annotation and achieve quality troubleshooting rate for SPC OOC points

    • Setup and troubleshoot issues in recipes/job files in all metrology tools within the Module. Do regular housekeeping of production job files

    • Perform shift duties (12-hours shift) to support the running of production in the Module and ensure that integrity of the tools is in place to run the process

    • Obtain data for lots affected by tool faults for disposition to minimize the held time for the lots. Always use CAS if exist in disposition. Troubleshoot process related issues. Provide detailed and accurate passdown of lot disposition details. Ensure data completion for all information required to be filled up by Process Technician/ AE part – no steps to be skipped.

    • Provide proper and accurate passdown of line issues and documentation (fill up and file the checklists). Follow SOP and carry out CAS per specification.

    • Assist Engineers in the qualification and fine tune of new processes and new equipment for production. Understand the concept of repeatability and reproducibility (R&R) run.

    • Constantly monitor and feedback process issues to Engineers for further improvement.

    • Coordinate with Specialists to ensure efficiency of work to meet Mfg and Module objectives. Assist Engineering team to meet Uptime and OEE indices goals.

    • Ensure and follow good housekeeping and safety practice when works in the FAB or in the office area.

    • Assist new Technician / AE on their On-The-Job-Training (OJT) by acting as their buddy.

    • Diploma in Engineering

    • Prefer with 1 year working

    • Fresh graduate are welcome

    • Basic understanding on Wafer Fabrication

    • Must be keen to learn and able to perform shift work

Organization: *Metrology-710155000

Title: Associate Engneer Module Engineering (Metro Process) Fab 7

Location: Asia Pacific Region-Singapore-Woodlands-SG,Woodlands

Requisition ID: 17003453