Procter & Gamble Consumer Market Knowledge Manager in Singapore, Singapore

Broadly our mission is to keep P&G on leading edge of capabilities on using data and analytics to derive actionable consumer and business insights.

Key action plan items are to: * Build scaled media measurement, reporting & analytic capabilities in a multi-screen and multi-touch point world. * Sustain and develop capabilities that quantify key business drivers, assess sufficiency of plans, and maximize sales & return on our marketing investments – media and trade * Take performance measurement to the next level by building individual person / store analytics capability. * Build closed loop experimentation capability * Enable teams to assess business potential of new ideas and launch successful initiatives. * Lead development of analytics capability of big data as it relates to consumer insights & analytics

Skills: * Ability to query and analyze data on a big data environment. * Ability to develop attributive and predictive models, based on deep-dive statistical analysis & modeling Degrees: * Bachelors or Masters in Statistics or Engineering or Computer Science or Physical Sciences Coursework/Experience: * Statistics, Attributive & Predictive Modeling. Knowledge of Machine Learning, Big data Mining and AI is preferred. * Statistical Packages: Matlab, SPSS, SAS * Programing Languages: Python, R, SQL * Platforms: Knowledge / experience with Hadoop, SPARK is preferred. Type of projects on which advanced data and analytics skills will be applied on: * Building tools and analytical approaches for media and trade spend optimization based on analyzing individual level consumer/store data (media, purchase, sensors, IoT). * Multi-touch attribution modeling using individual level media/purchase data * Attributive and predictive market level modeling for trade promotion and media spend optimization * Broader CMK organization resource on big data application and data analysis

Job: Market Research/Consumer & Market Knowledge

Title: Consumer Market Knowledge Manager

Location: SG-Singapore-Singapore

Requisition ID: CMK00001227